Natalie Joel

Hi I am Natalie Joel from Living Life with Nat. Five years ago, I was struggling and battling to lose weight and feeling awful about myself. who else can empathise with not fitting into airline seat belts, standing behind everyone else in group photos, terrified of growing out of the largest plus size in the plus size stores? I had tried so many variations of the standard western diets. I was doing tons of different exercise but instead of losing I was gaining!  So… Fast forward to 5 years ago, I was at a dietitian and losing slightly but absolutely craving chocolates. I decided to be hypnotised against my chocolate cravings, but my daughter suggested I see a psychologist we knew who did hypnosis as she was wary of just anyone hypnotising me. He turned my life around. He said he would not hypnotise me but suggested I do Banting (as LCHF and keto is known in South Africa), when I mentioned that the dietitian had not been happy with me doing it, he suggested I just try it for 6 weeks. He told me what to do, what to buy and off I went. When I told my husband, Howard, that the psychologist would not hypnotise me, but suggested I do Banting, he said he would do it with me, and so our wonderful, healthful, exciting new journey into the unknown started. And here we are 5 years later, combined over 100 kg (220 lbs) down, and many health issues resolved! Do you know how exciting it is to see an outfit in the store window, go in and buy it it off the shelf? To sit in the airplane and easily do up the seat belt? For people to say, Hey I do not believe that before picture of you is you? I am so excited with this wonderful way of eating that I became a certified Banting coach and also a certified Keto coach so that I could help people on this wonderful exciting and doable journey. Join me on this wonderful journey, because, Life is a journey. Enjoy the ride! And you deserve to feel fantastic, not just about the way you eat but in the way you live your life and adopt a lifestyle that makes you excited about living every day.

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