Lacking #vitaminD3 #vitaminK2 ?

Do we go into the sun enough? Did you know you need vitamin D for your bones? (I didn't know and as a result got osteoparosis!)

Most of us no longer sit in the sun, but hunch over our computers and phones, inside, all day! So how can we get enough vitamin D from the sun? And what if we live far from the equator and it is overcast and wintery!!!

As Dr Eric Berg says, Vitamin D helps absorb, regulate and transport calcium to the "right" places in your body

  • Supports calcium absorption from the small intestine that's up to 20 times better

  • Supports a healthy immune system

  • May help uplift your mood, so you feel more positive most of the time

  • Supports healthy blood sugar levels

  • Decreases fat storing hormone resistance and

  • Vitamin K2 ( which so many do not know about)...

  • Reroutes calcium in the blood and drives it where it belongs; into the bones

  • Assures calcium doesn't accumulate in the wrong areas of the body. Like the arteries or joints

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